Virgo today 9.1.2021

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What awaits the Virgo on Saturday, January 9
Especially in the morning, you will be bombarded by friends or relatives by phone calls to provide them with psychological support at a critical moment. They need to hear that you trust them and hope for their success. Argue so that they understand that you mean it.
Love and sex

The trigon between Venus and Mars gives you, in love and eroticism, the chances you usually only dream of. This time, however, you will change your attitude. Suddenly you realize that you are pleased with the options offered, but you do not want to use them.

Partner and family

When the darling begins to tell you about how some of his mother's activities were performed, try to control yourself. Instead of getting angry or panicking with an angelic smile, telling him that she did it her way, but you have your own system, it could calm things down a bit.

Household and shopping

Luna in Sagittarius wishes improvisation of all kinds. Forget about setting a precise plan of home activities in the morning and then following it to the letter. When you accept that they have the main word of chance, you will be much more successful.

Beauty and health

The thought of starting to harden is becoming more and more intense. But don't even think about jumping into a pond in the afternoon. Start by taking a cold shower every morning.

Special Food

Immediately after waking up in slow sips, drink a glass of warm water with a tincture of licorice. It strengthens the immune system, disinfects the airways, cleanses the bladder, has antibacterial, antiviral and antibiotic effects, which is very useful in this period. Breakfast should be hot, soup will be ideal. Drink a sour milk drink in the morning, it doesn't matter if it's kefir or buttermilk, in any case it will take care of tuning the microflora in the digestive tract.

As the Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:15 p.m., lunch should be vegetable, such as artichokes drizzled with ghee butter. Artichokes contain substances that strengthen the immune system and increase bile production, which benefits digestion and the liver. Vitamin C also works for them, so consume any citrus in the afternoon. Cook leek soup for dinner. Since the liver is most active at night, drink a large cup of tea from the root of the honeydew
before going to bed. It activates detoxification and regeneration of liver tissue, and also facilitates falling asleep.

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