Virgo in 2021

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
In the first month, you will start to stay away from a few people you have considered friends, and it will be the right decision. You will learn alarming information about them, which could compromise you as well. In June and July, with the help of retrograde Mercury, many of your dreams will begin to fall apart, and you will even feel fear of the future, hopeless in a way, but completely useless. In that period, only your plans and wishes are selected, which are far from reality. Think carefully about everything and make a change under the baton of Saturn in the last month of the year. Already in the summer you will come across a job that will interest you, but nothing will be certain. You will return to this offer in December, and when you find that you gain freedom and stability with it, you will jump straight into the unknown with your feet straight. However, from the point of view of other people, crazy - step, you will never regret it in the future.
Except for the period from the end of October to the beginning of November, when you are surprised by unexpected expenses or you do not receive a payment or payment from the customer, your financial situation will be stable this year. However, be patient if you apply for a partial pension, a premium or a mortgage - simply when it comes to money from outside sources. You probably won't see the money this year.
Especially in the first half of the year, forget about minor surgical procedures to improve the appearance. They would not turn out as you expected, and you would probably face health problems. Take the following sentences seriously: If any of your ancestors had suicidal tendencies, do not underestimate the bad mood, direct nightmares and steps to the psychologist's office ...
In January, singles fall madly in love and believe it or not, it will be karmic love according to astrological rules! If you have a loving relationship, but you both still live with your parents, with the other half you decide to "live on your own" and get a living together. Those who keep postponing the conception of the offspring will change their minds because they realize that their biological clock is ticking relentlessly.
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