What awaits the Virgo on Tuesday, January 12

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What awaits the Virgo on Tuesday, January 12

There are things you don't want to deal with. If possible, you like to leave it to someone else. Fortunately, there are plenty of active people in your area who like to make decisions, especially for others. Take advantage of it.

Love and sex

Above all, you need stability in love. Unfortunately, the quadrature between Mercury and Uranus will not give it to you. If you want a serious relationship, you need to make it clear that you want it and that you will do your best.

Partner and family

You can't avoid the unusual attention of your partner. Only later will you understand that he intends to show you love in such a way as to prove to you that he really cares about you and that there is no place for him in his life.

Household and shopping

Before buying other appliances or household accessories, ask friends and relatives if they have such a thing in boxes at home, as they do not use the items at all. No need to spend on something they like to give you for free.

Beauty and health

Approach your appearance in a planned way. With Luna in Capricorn, it will be better if you bet on classics. Discovering something new and surprising would just waste your time, as you would not feel good in an eccentric outfit.

Special Foods

Tuesday will be under the baton of a very insidious phase of the Moon in Capricorn. Therefore, do not eat anything that you have no experience with, you would probably suffer an allergic reaction, also less salt. In the morning, drink ginger tea sweetened with honey, it will warm you internally and strengthen your immunity. Have breakfast of a hard-boiled egg and one banana. In the morning, gradually eat a handful of ground flax seeds, which you drink plenty of cherry juice.

For lunch, have a vegetable risotto flavored with a hint of turmeric. This spice improves digestion and also reduces the levels of two enzymes that are involved in inflammation. In the afternoon, eat a bowl of cherry or cherry compote and crunch the walnuts without restriction. Cook the bean soup for dinner. As the skin dries easily today, regardless of the outside temperature, drink at least two liters of non-oxygenated mineral water before dimming.
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