What awaits the Virgo on Sunday, January 10

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What awaits the Virgo on Sunday, January 10
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After what you consider lucky, reach energetically and without embarrassment. If you back down due to exaggerated considerations, it will be useless. You are in danger of regretting your decision, but you will not recall the same promising chance.
Love and sex
Above all, you need to define for yourself exactly what you really want in love. Then think about whether your wishes and expectations are realistic. And when you make sure you do, don't hesitate and take the opportunity.
Partner and family
You are confused in the decision-making and behavior of partner relatives. Once you have the impression that you have understood them, other unknowns and variables will arise. It can reassure you that very few people know about them, sometimes your pet can't do it.
Household and shopping
You better not even think about going shopping. Especially in the afternoon, when you are under the influence of the quadrature between Luna and Neptune, there is a risk that you will argue with at least one person in the shop because of a mess.
Beauty and health
It's not easy. Usually you prefer inconspicuous make-up, but you finally realize it's a mistake. No Luna in Sagittarius to highlight your eyes with lines and striking shadows. If you are at home, ie without a veil, you can also use a strong lipstick.
Special Food
On Sunday, he will conduct the waning Luna in the sign of Sagittarius, which has hip mobility under his patronage, as well as thighs and liver. It will benefit you if you drink at least two cups of tea from birch leaves in the morning, it will cleanse not only the liver but also the kidneys. Breakfast wholemeal bread spread with classic butter and bee honey, which strengthens the immune system. In the morning, light up the cereal bar and at least one large orange.
Lunch should not contain burnt fat, as it burdens the liver, so choose grilled fish with a small amount of potatoes cooked in their skins and lettuce with lime dressing. Your body requires an increased amount of fiber, so eat red apples in the afternoon or cook apple compote. Choose a warm dinner, borscht will be suitable. Before going to bed, drink tea from earthworms, it indicates digestion and liver.
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